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Showin’ Sheep

Sorry no food post today!

I was going through some pictures and ran across the pictures I took at the sheep show at our county fair. I used to show sheep when I was nine years old all the way until I was eighteen. In spring 2008 I purchased two ewes to breed club lambs for 4-H kids to show at the county fair.  This years county fair was quite exciting for me because my first lamb from our farm was shown there. A young 4-H’er bought the lamb from me in the spring. She took care of him learning how to feed and show. She did an awesome job this year and won her showmanship class and placed 4th in a very competitive meat class. I was so proud of her and so super excited to see a McVetta Farms Club lamb out there competing against some quality sheep.

This is me and the little boy at sixty days old. I had named him Sampson.



This is him at six months old, he turned into one handsome lamb. Sampson and Becca are third from the left.


These kids need to learn how to show and brace the sheep to make them most appealing to a sheep producer.



I’m really excited to see what my lambs can do next year. Hopefully all goes well and I have several lambs on the ground in February. Stay tuned 🙂


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New Arrivals

So I haven’t posted much up here lately and there’s a reason for that. I have some recipes on my camera that I’ll post over the next few days. This week has been a slow week for making food, the reason? My sheep had her babies! It’s been up and down so I’ve spent most of my free time making sure they’ll get through the critical weeks.

But without further adieu meet the the baby lambs!


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