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I Love Mail


Ok maybe not bills or junk mail, but I love when I get food in the mail. I was so excited when my husband handed me a box from Amano! I realized that I won the Amano Artisan Chocolate giveaway on Blake Makes. I am so excited when Blake has these opportunities. I remember reading about Amano chocolates in other blogs so I was defiantly excited to give them a try. I thought maybe I would make something out of it but I couldn’t resist and started eating the bar. I do plan on putting the chcolate in some ice cream but I don’t know when I’ll be able to do that. Anyway, back to the chocolate. I received a bar of Jembrana, which is made from beans located in the Jembrana Regency and surrounding areas of Bali, Indonesia. The taste of the chocolate was, Wow, this chcolate was amazing it has kind of a spicyness to it and just melted perfectly in your mouth. I love how the tates just lingers in your mouth for a while. If you are looking for a good quality chocolate I would definitley visit Amano Artisan Chcolates.




Thank you Blake Makes and Amano for this opprotunity!!!


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Chocolate Cake…Yum

So I would love to show you the wonderful cake I made using the mix I received from Cherrybrook Kitchen, but during my cookie extravaganza my camera completely took a nose dive. I am now operating without a camera…boo. I will say the cake came out beautifully, I frosted it with the fudgy goodness of Cherrybrook’s chocolate frosting and to stay in the holiday spirit I crumbled some peppermint candy on top. My husband will be taking this to his holiday party so I will report back and tell you how everyone liked it. I ate some of the crumbs and you can’t tell that this is made without the eggs and dairy. Yum!!!

Ok so I’m back and still cameraless, it’s official our camera is gone 😦 But luckly for me I was able to borrow a camera for the night. Anyway I ended up taking the cake to my husbands family Christmas (they celebrated early). My sister-in-law was quite excited because she has a student at her school who has severe food allergies and normally cannot enjoy desserts because of egg, diary, and nut products. Everyone thought it tasted just like a normal boxed chocolate cake, you could never tell it was different. I think I over baked it because it was a tad dry but the taste was very good. Thank you Cherrybrook Kitchen for providing those with allergies the chance to make a cake and be able to eat it too!!!!!

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Christmas seemed to come a little early this year. I came home from work and found a package for me on the front step, I was very excited to see that I was chosen on Blake Makes to receive a box of Chocolate Cake Mix and Chocolate Frosting from Cherrybrook Kitchen. Now this is no ordinary cake mix, all of Cherrybrook Kitchen’s products are allergy-friendly. They are free of peanuts, diary, nuts, and eggs. Now if you don’t have food allergies you may seem to think this isn’t for you because it won’t taste the same. Well let me tell you I couldn’t resist and took a spoonful of the frosting. Ohhh it was so good I could eaten the whole container right there! Don’t tempt me I would!

I really can’t wait to make this cake. I will be making this cake, hopefully with the tasty twist, next week for my work’s holiday party. I’m anxious to see what others think of this new type of cake and frosting. I will report back with all the juicy details.

Thank you to Blake Makes and Cherrybrook Kitchen for this awesome giveaway. Go check out Cherrybrook Kitchen to see all the of the goodies they have to offer not just cake but brownies, cookies, pancake mixes, and more!

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